PhD student

  • Juan Ignacio Bravo Pérez-Villar

Máster en Ingeniería Informática y de Telecomunicación

Juan Ignacio Bravo obtained a degree in Telecommunications Engineering in 2015 and received
the titles belonging to the International Joint Master Program in Image Processing and Computer Vision
(IPCV) in 2017 at the universities of Péter Pazmany (Hungary), Université de Bordeaux (France) and
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain). Currently he is a Research Engineer of the GNC/AOCS Competence Centre of the Flight Systems Business
Unit at DEIMOS Space. His research interests are related to visual based navigation and self-supervised monocular depth estimation

Room: C-111

Recent publications


  • Juan I. Bravo: "Spacecraft Pose Estimation Based on Unsupervised Domain Adaptation and on a 3D-Guided Loss Combination", en The 2nd Workshop on AI for Space In conjunction with ECCV, 2022, AI4Space 2022, 2022,

  • Juan I. Bravo: "Spectral Loss for Monocular Self-Supervised Depth and Visual Odometry in Rover Navigation", en CEAS Conference on Guidance, Navigation and Control , 6th CEAS Conference on Guidance, Navigation and Control (EuroGNC), 2022, 2022,